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About Onetailer

Onetailer was founded in 2011 born out of an idea to support independent retailers get online and help find customers to buy products through a cost-effective high-end e-commerce platform as it’s a challenge for small businesses to navigate the internet without needing specialised IT knowledge with a significant budget.

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Our philosophy is defined by being agile, elegant, professional, service oriented, reliable, and skilled. Our promise is to inspire confidence by offering the best in web development and support to our customers, preserving excellent quality, professionals and beautiful designs, high performance and updated functionality while maintaining a competitive pricing plan.


We help companies to connect with customers by creating spectacular websites for any business size and budget. We offer a meaningful e-commerce solution with personalized web design, brand development, content strategy, social media marketing and integration of other applications as well as online market sites that meet the demand today to businesses to sell online.


Our vision is to exploit the full potential of Onetailer, to be the best in our industry supported by an internal design and development team highly trained and talented as an innovative and creative company leader in web design and development, web integrations and e-commerce, building beautiful online stores that transform the digital era for any size of business.



The digital world is a fast-paced environment and to be competitive businesses must stay up-to-date and not get left behind. That’s why is important to make sure you choose a web design agency that keeps up with what’s current, together with the experience to know what platforms will work best for your target audience!

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Together with our world class hosting partners, we can provide you with a top-notch hosting facility at competitive rates.
Our partnership with these industry giants allows you to get the best possible solutions at unbeatable rates


We are often approached by companies looking for an all-inclusive service – redesigning or creating a brand new website, integrating other applications such as CRMs, helping write website content, developing any customised software, improving images, offering ongoing technical support among others.

We can provide small business owners with the peace of mind that they have a single contact point and a pro-active company they can trust to support all of their online and offline developing needs.

We understand that larger companies complete much of their software development in-house and therefore look to Onetailer to outsource specific projects that require our expertise.